The company is involved in the production of medicated candy, hard candy and toffee with plans to diversify into other areas of confectionary.

The beginnings of Creasy Foods Ltd. is seen with the partnership between E. B. Creasy & Co. Ltd and the Food Processing Co. Cey. Ltd in October 1970 to jointly acquire Shums & Company which was involved in manufacture of bottled and canned food products such as Chutneys, Saucers, Jams, Cordials and Canned Fruits under the brand name “CHUMS”.

In 1973 E. B. Creasy & Co acquired the shares held by Food Processing and obtained sole ownership of the company. CHUMS products were then rebranded as “Sunny Hill”. Eventually, competitive market conditions lead to the diversification into manufacture of confectionery.

Following the successful importing of the medicated candy, Hacks since 1970 by Darley Butler & Co. Ltd, the marketing arm of the E. B. Creasy, the company went in to technical collaboration for manufacturing Confectionery products with the UK based Barker & Dobson in 1985. Upon Cadbury Schweppes Overseas Ltd acquiring the brand name Hacks from Barker & Dobson UK in 1991, the company has been manufacturing Hacks under license from Cadbury Schweppes Overseas Ltd.

Food Processing Co. Cey. Ltd name was changed to Creasy Foods Limited in 1994.

Production of flavoured hard candy and toffees and lollipops under the name Candyman currently produced commenced in 1998. Manufacture of gummy candy, jelly candy, mini chocolates and soft caramels for the local and export market are in the pipeline.