EBCL is presently engaged is Inward Cargo Clearance and Outward Forwarding. Inward clearance presently services entities within the group and outside clients such as NGO’s, Foreign Missions, Multination Entities and Corporate Conglomerates, which also includes personal effects, destination service on door to door basis. The Outward Forwarding operation engages in the Door-to-Door movement of personal effects and work through its overseas agents worldwide. In addition we provide warehousing services for storage of Personal and Commercial cargo. E B Creasy & Co Plc was founded in 1878, and incorporated as a limited liability company in 1929 and became a quoted company on the local stock exchange in 1968. The Clearing Division was a part of E B Creasy & Co Plc and subsequently incorporated as a subsidiary, now known as E B Creasy Logistics Ltd. (EBCL). EBCL operated with a well experienced, trained and dedicated team together with its own fleet of vehicles.

EBCL is presently engaged is Inward Cargo Clearance and Outward Forwarding. Inward clearance presently services entities within the group and a few outside clients, which also includes personal effects clearance as well. The Outward Forwarding operation engages in the Door-to-Door movement of personal effects and work through its overseas agents worldwide.

The logistics Industry is expanding rapidly in respond to the increasing demand of world trade. The robust trade, economic growth and liberalization policies followed by many Asian countries have resulted in increased trade volumes, thus ensuring increase in transportation, handling and warehousing needs. This had led to a demand for integrated logistics solutions in the region and the world.

Sri Lanka’s ports and airports which are strategically located will play a significant role in connecting the region to support the transshipment and value addition activities to connect South Asia to the rest of the world. The geographical location gives a comparative advantage to Sri Lanka to be the gateway to the Indian Sub-continent and to serve South & East Asia, Middle East and Africa on the main East West shipping route.

“Logistics” is defined as the management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet some requirements of customers or end uses. The management of logistics usually involves items such as Material, Handling, Packaging, Inventory, Transportation, Warehousing and Security keeping in mind our Corporate Social Responsibility and Carbon Footprint Reduction.

The present market has many players, at present there are 104 Registered freight forwarders, 329 Non vessel operator common carriers and 212 Main Line agents in Sri Lanka. With the establishment of the Merchant Shipping Authority (MSA), it is mandatory that all operators be registered with the MSA and also file in their charges / rates. However, this is a very encouraging to all importers and exporters as operators will not be able to charge anything extraordinary. On the other hand the small time operators will not survive in this market as these small timers were exploiting the unregulated system to their advantage.  

It is an opportune time now to diversify into areas of interest connected with our present core business of Freight Forwarding. In diversification all avenues should be very carefully evaluated to have the right mix of operations ensuring that such operations are interlinked to each other and sustainable. E B Creasy Logistics will strive to ensure that all its customers and stakeholders with sign off with excellent satisfaction.

Our Primary Objective will be to be the Very Best in Logistics and have an accepted corporate brand in “CREASY LOGISTICS”.

Local Clearing

The services of this sector is provided by the agent/broker of clearing consignments of commercial cargo as follows.

The Imports of Commercial cargo arrive to Sri Lanka,and the respective consignee is to be paid duty according to the HS Code No, (the rates against this No. is mentioned on the HS Code book itself)

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the cusdec declaration form which is designed by Sri Lanka Customs Dept. should be filled it and calculate the duty components which appearing on the HS Code book, based on the duty rates.

Once it is prepared, it is necessary to submit to the customs long room and process these documents, after being paid the duty amount, which is appraised and satisfied by the customs unit will have to go to SLPA , if the mode of shipment is sea. Where the customs unit will approve to take delivery after been checked further the details given on the cusdec are in tact. Once it is loaded, the examination will be carried out by the customs authority itself and released the consignment. If the goods and documents are in order, the customs House Agent, who is represent on behalf of the importer and attend all the process of Import clearance.

With regard to the import of Air Shipments, also note, the special unit in the Katunayake namely Air Cargo Village, where all air import shipments are subject to process the documents at the long room (Air Cargo Village) and finalised the paper work, subsequently duty is paid by the importer to Sri Lankan Air to take delivery subject to customs routine examination and if, the examination is completed the delivery will be given by the authority for the importer.

Origin Service

  • Pre Move survey and estimating.
  • Providing necessary packing materials and packing for full export standard.
  • Listing and numbering all packages and preparing detailed inventories.
  • Pick up of goods from residence.
  • Loading into containers, liftvans and airvans.
  • Removal of debris from residence, when resulting from packing.
  • Completion of export clearance.
  • Delivery upto exit terminal Port/Airport.

Destination Service

  • Normal Sri Lanka Port charges
  • Payment of THC, and other shipping agent charges
  • Customs examination charges at the customs Bond Warehouse or at Colombo 
    city residence.
  • Normal customs and port clearance
  • Delivery up to residence Colombo area
  • Unloading, unpacking for customs examination and complete unpacking, setting up and removal of debris.
  • VAT
  • Finalizing paper work at customs authorities.

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