Lighting the lives of all Sri Lankan communities

The energy and lighting interest of E B Creasy is founded in Laxapana Batteries, a Public Quoted Entity, established in 1956, for manufacturing D Size batteries. The Company is in the business of assembling CFL bulbs and has plans to grow its product portfolio.

Products of Laxapana

  • Laxapana Torch Battery (R20S)
  • Laxapana Heavy Duty Battery (R20C)
  • Laxapana Super Heavy Duty Battery (R20P)
  • Laxapana Super Heavy Duty Penlite ( R6P)
  • Laxapana Super Heavy AAA (R03)
  • Laxapana Alkaline AA (LR6)
  • Laxapana Alkaline AAA (LR3)
  • Laxapana CFL Bulbs
  • Laxapana LED Bulbs
  • Laxapana Re-chargeable Torches

Sole Distributor: Darley Butler & Company Ltd.



Elephant Lite Corporation Ltd was incorporated as a Public Limited liability Company in 1956. The Company is the pioneer manufacturer of dry cell batteries in Sri Lanka. In 1982, it was quoted on the Colombo Stock Exchange. In August 2005, the name of the Company was changed to Laxapana Batteries Limited and subsequently re-registered as Laxapana Batteries PLC. The Company continues to market zinc chloride & alkaline type AA and AAA batteries, CFL & LED bulbs and Re-chargeable torches under the LAXAPANA brand name. The Company continues to operate the fully equipped laboratory to ensure the quality of dry cell batteries marketed by the Company and also a laboratory testing facility to ensure quality of CFL bulbs assembled in the factory. The factory and office are located on a 3½ acre freehold land at Homagama.




1. LAXAPANA Torch R20C (Blue)       

Voltage: 1.5V

The LAXAPANA Torch battery built to meet the continuous switch on/off demand of a hand held torch with push button, is suitable for general usage as a household torch.

2. LAXAPANA Heavy Duty R20C (Red)

Voltage: 1.5V

Suitable for equipment requiring continuous supply of high power - radio, measuring scales, communications equipment with D size batteries etc.

3. LAXAPANA Super Heavy Duty R20P (Black)

Voltage: 1.5 V

Suitable for equipment such as high power satellite equipment, high power torches for fishing and camping, needing extra power on a continuous basis.

4. LAXAPANA Super Heavy Duty Penlite Batteries – AA/R6P

Suitable for equipment such as Wall Clocks, Remotes, Toys, Communication devices and other equipment that can be powered with AA batteries. While its tight top cover seal prevents leaking, the battery quality conforms to international standards set by IEC.

5. LAXAPANA Super Heavy Duty Penlite Batteries – AAA/R03

Suitable for equipment such as remote controls, toys, communication devices, wireless computer mouse and other equipment that can be powered with AAA batteries. While its tight top cover seal prevents leaking, the battery quality conforms to international standards set by IEC.



CFL Bulbs

LAXAPANA CFL conforms to the international standards on lighting products and to the standards set by the SLS institution and have gained high energy saving star levels in quality.
Made in Sri Lanka in Panagoda, Homagama, LAXAPANA CFL bulbs includes innovative technology that can withstand power fluctuations that prevail in certain parts of the Sri Lanka, thereby enjoy a longer life span and stronger output. The current portfolio includes nine models of ‘pin’ as well as ‘screw’ type bulbs.
LAXAPANA CFL bulbs come with a 1.5 year warranty.




A Light-Emitting Diode (LED) when assembled into a lamp is called an LED lamp (bulb). LED Consumes lesser energy than any other kind of bulbs. It saves 90% of the power of an Incandescent lamp and 10 % of a CFL. Life span is about 20,000hrs. LED is generally sensitive to power variation, but improved version with thermal management gives a better lifespan and it has a resistance for power fluctuations of 160V – 280V. With the design it gives a wide beam angle (2100) light output.

LAXAPANA Rechargeable Torches

LAXAPANA rechargeable torch is an ergonomically designed torch that is very much practical for day-to-day usage. This torch is made conforming to the international standards and specifications. Being different from “Just a Torch” this torch has a special LED bulb that supports to detect fraudulent currencies. When this special LED is lit against a currency in a darker environment, it helps to highlight the secret prints and water marks of a currency note which cannot be copied by a forged.