Welcome to the E B Creasy careers page!

One of the fast growing companies in Sri Lanka with a solid, historical foundation, we consider ourselves a dynamic organisation that moves with time.

‘Commitment to service’ is at the very heart of E B Creasy, it nourishes our presence and nurtures our future. As our staff translate this into everyday business practice, we continuing to rise in our operations, attaining and celebrating our goals. We understand that it is this dynamism and team work that enables the Group to continue to build on its strong roots and maintain consistent growth, paving the way for it to venture globally with ambitious targets and achieving results. Therefore we recruit, retain and develop those who can offer the best.

Our People - The Human Factor

Facilitating programs to improve employee engagement and meet the interests of a diverse workforce, our objective is to create a challenging work environment where people can be the best they can be and find the path to realize their full potential.

Employee Talent Development

We attract, develop and retain people with the right skills and abilities to meet current and future organizational needs. We aim to ensure career progress to employees at all levels.

We train and develop our employees to help them to obtain the skills to meet the demanding challenges of tomorrow.

Rewards and Recognition

The company’s rewards and recognition policy aims to encourage and acknowledge superior performance in all areas and job functions. The policy recognizes achievements that contribute to the overall objectives and success of E B Creasy Group.