The pioneer manufacturer of dry cell batteries in Sri Lanka, the company was incorporated as Elephant Lite Corporation Ltd, a Public Limited liability Company in 1956. In 1982, it was quoted on the Colombo Stock Exchange. In August 2005, the name of the Company was changed to Laxapana Batteries Limited and subsequently re-registered as Laxapana Batteries PLC.

The Company market zinc chloride & alkaline type AA and AAA batteries, CFL & LED bulbs and Rechargeable torches under the LAXAPANA brand name.

Laxapana Batteries PLC operates the fully equipped laboratory and testing facilities for dry cell batteries and electronic & electrical lamps at CFL Assembly lines located on a 3½ acre freehold land at Panagoda, Homagama.

Products of Laxapana 

  • Laxapana Torch Battery (R20S)
  • Laxapana Heavy Duty Battery (R20C)
  • Laxapana Super Heavy Duty Battery (R20P)
  • Laxapana Super Heavy Duty Penlite ( R6P)
  • Laxapana Super Heavy AAA (R03)
  • Laxapana Alkaline AA (LR6)
  • Laxapana Alkaline AAA (LR3)
  • Laxapana CFL Bulbs
  • Laxapana LED Bulbs
  • Laxapana Re-chargeable Torches